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How do you turn unavoidable house cleaning chores into something pleasant?

Who doesn\’t like coming home and everything being in perfect order, clean, and smelling well? It\’s so refreshing!

We don\’t really enjoy housework very much, is a pain. Maintaining the cleanliness of your home is a constant stress, dealing with multiple tasks daily, the children, the house, the job, the husband, Uff, we should feel proud because magically (it is not true), with a lot of effort, we manage to deal with all this daily task. Incredibly, we always go for more. I want to make your days easier, I am going to give you useful advice so that your daily tasks will be less tedious. Of course, it is always good to have a plan B in mind or alternatives to help us delegate this endless list of home chores. For today I want to share my routine, I hope it can help you:

1- My mom always says that an organized house is worth 1000 more, the truth is quite right, the disorder makes our life not flow positively, and it torments me and puts me in a bad mood. The difficult thing is having the desire to order, my advice is that if you have a family try to make this task a hobby for everyone, give rewards and incentives to the little ones and instill in them the responsibility of helping. You can turn a boring chore into a family time-sharing routine.

2- Dishwashing in the kitchen: It\’s good to eat, but not washing. I don\’t know if it happens to you like me, but no matter how hard I try, I always end up washing a huge amount of objects, several times a day. If you have the help of a dishwasher, you have the fight partially won. My advice is that whenever you dirty something, wash it immediately because if you accumulate it, it becomes a mountain that will be more irritating to wash, that you will surely end up in a bad mood and not want to be upset all the time! You also can put, motivating posters in the kitchen with positive messages, give rewards, and throw a coin to see who has to do the dishwashing.

3- Washing and folding clothes: It\’s not a question of laziness, I know that housework is super important, but there is nothing I hate more than folding clothes and ironing. Thanks to technology, the washing machine does all the difficult work, some even iron clothes. But if that is not the case, I advise you not to accumulate dirty clothes, believe me, the mountain grows, and you have less desire to wash. You can every day first thing in the morning put your clothes to wash, go to work, or continue your chores of the day, when the clothes come out there are few, and you will not have to iron much or fold a lot of clothes, which will facilitate this task. You can also teach your children to keep their clothes tidy and folded.

4- House Cleaning: I left the strongest for last. I usually clean daily, so as not to accumulate dirt, especially inside the house, in the places that little ones use the most. Once again, thanks to technology, we can count on modern gadgets that make our work easy, but it only does some of the work. One thing I hate about cleaning is dusting the furniture, hand vacuums are very helpful, but not for disinfecting, you must use disinfectant wipes. I recommend, that you do not have much decoration, with fewer but beautiful decorations, less dust. Use tools to make the work easier, liquids, and eco-friendly natural products. I advise you that if you have a budget, hire maid services, weekly or biweekly, or monthly, it can get you out of trouble, if you have a lot of work, or party, dinners, or now in Christmas, a fussy husband, your house can look radiant in 2 or 3 hours without effort. It helps to organize and clean when you don\’t have time to do daily the chores, and you have inevitably accumulated mess and dirt. I hope you like my tips. Please leave us comments about your tips to do home chores, together we can do it.

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